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==> Supernatural Fandom: Get angry.

You already are.

Even if you didn’t really like Homestuck you wouldn’t have wanted them to die. You never want another fandom to die.

You did have to admit, you had some respect for the fandom. The complex story, the idea of life after death, after death, after death, so on and so forth, the several characters, several new species and so much comedy.

Those nights when it was just you and Homestuck, all alone, biting and scratching and kissing in the dark of the room. They were your kismesis, and you enjoyed every minute of that.

They were able to bring you out of your dumps when someone died, and now they were gone.


Probably bled out somewhere with their organs dripping out.

Sure, they were an idiot, but you did care for them, and that mental image is downright sad.

You are going to deliver a nice slice of vengeance to this Hate-Anon.

==> Supernatural Fandom: Attack!

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